Aircraft Listed For Sale, Partnership, Or Lease By Owner

VDW Services can help you find a plane to buy, find a partner, or sell your plane.  We also provide pilots for several aircraft that might have openings in their dry leases.  Per FAA rules, you have to contact the lessors directly by clicking on the link to their websites below, contacting them, and working out a lease.  Contact us at 434-466-3968 or click here if you would like help with an aircraft.


For Sale or Partnership

1973 Beech Baron 55B - Twin engine, 5 adults or 3 adults+2 kids, 170kts, $90,000

1/3rd Interest in Cessna P210 - 5 adults or 3 adults+2 kids, 170kts, $1 buy-in, approximately $8,000/yr for share of net expenses + $75/hr dry

1/2 Interest in Cessna 340 - Twin engine, 6 adults, approximately $100,000 per share

1/2 Interest in Cessna 414 - Twin engine, 6 adults+1kid, approimately $200,000 per share

Leased Aircraft That We Are Approved to Fly

Piper Mirage - KCHO - 4 adults/3 adults+2 kids, 190kts, Deiced, A/C, Approx $330 with fuel

Cessna P210 - KCHO - 3 adults/2 adults+2 kids, 165kts, Approx $290/hr with fuel

Piper Twin Comanche - KSHD - 4 adults/3 adults+2 kids, 175kts, Approx $275/hr with fuel