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Whatever your aviation needs, VDW Aviation Services would appreciate the opportunity to work up a solution for you.  You can contact us at 434-466-3968 or click here to send us a message. We are looking forward to helping you with your needs.


About Us

VDW Aviation Services was founded on listening.  While working in the construction industry, our president, who is also a commercial pilot, used to listen to mid-sized construction contractors and designers talking about how much it was costing them to have employees wait for hours through security and layovers just to get to a one hour client meeting or marketing event.  He ran some numbers for these companies to put aircraft in their businesses and they were very interested but needed help making it happen.  Thus our president formed VDW Services to provide the services that these companies needed to make this aviation resource dream a reality.  He then quickly found many other industries with similar business operations and worked to help them realize these same savings.  Listening has always been part of our business and is the first thing we do in any client relationship.  We hope to have the opportunity to listen to your needs and find a solution that will allow aviation to grow your business as well.


Mike Vanderweide, President


Mike Vanderweide has over 12 years of experience in aviation.  He is multi, commericial and instrument rated with over 500 hours of flight time.  Not only has he successfully run several aviation businesses, he also successfully utilizes aircraft in his day to day business.  His experience as an owner representative in the construction industry has heavily influenced his insistence on providing clients with all options and their cost impacts so that they can make an informed decision.

Mike Kelly, Chief Pilot

Mike Kelly has over 13,000 flight hours.  He is multi, commercial, ATP, and instrument rated with his CFI as well.  He has type ratings in Gulfstreams, Hawkers, and Westwinds but also has lots of hours in Beech Barons, Cessna 210s and many others.  He has been in the aviation industry for almost 30 years and has unique insights into managing flight safety and pilot management.


Jonathan Good, Chief Mechanic

Jon is an A&P with IA and over 10 years experience maintaining various aircraft.  Safety is his number 1 focus and he will not dispatch an aircraft that he would not personally fly his family in.

Companies We Work With


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