Imagine walking out to your plane, no security check and no ticket counter.  Leave when you want to, stay until your meeting is done, fly with only people you know, to throusands of more airports, all while avoiding layovers.  A private aircraft can get you and three other people for example from Charlottesville to New York in 2hrs for as low as $1,300 round trip.  While slightly more expensive than the airlines, the time saved more than makes up for the added costs.


Corporate Solutions

Many of our corporate clients are companies that were finding that they were wasting tens of thousands of dollars each year of employees' time as they stood in line at airline ticket counters and security or stared at walls through layovers and airline delays.  Morale would suffer as employees would often have to leave home early, get home late, or spend a night in a hotel because they were on an airline's schedule.  They were very interested when I explained how I could either help them purchase an aircraft or provide pilots on for an aircraft that they leased, which in most cases, could take their company personnel non-stop from point A to point B, on your schedule, and land at thousands of airports not served by the airlines.  Additionally, I explained how it could allow them to expand their business without losing oversight of remote offices, how it could enhance their marketing by allowing them meet with several different clients at separate offices in the same day, and could allow them to take clients to business meetings at locations that are more conducive to collaboration.  I also explained how their executives and employees can even use the aircraft for personal use as long as it is properly accounted. 


Private Solutions

Not all flying has to be for profit.  Many people hire pilots or become pilots themselves to fulfill a lifelong dream or just to make life easier for themselves.  They do it to be able see the world, visit their children in college, visit grandchildren states away, or visit family members receiving long term specialized care hundreds of miles away without having to suffer through airline security, layovers, and delays all on the airline's schedule.  If you have the personal resources to enhance your life, aviation is money well spent.  You can even work on your pilot's license or build time on your current license if you wanted to be involved with the flying.  If you already have your license, we can provide highly experienced professional pilots to transition you to your new aircraft or be the experience that you need in the cockpit on tougher flights.  We have even helped set up not-for-profit flying clubs under tax code section 501(c)7.


Either corporate or private, we would be excited to provide these solutions to you.  We can meet with you, listen to your company's needs, enter them into our proprietary program, and determine the best solution.  If the best solution is adding an aircraft to your business or personal life, we can help you find partners or a leasing company, we can manage the aircraft for you, and we can provide a professional flight crew, all with single point billing.  For one recent company, we determined that they could save over $100,000 a year versus the airlines and depreciate $190,000 of aircraft value over 5 years.  Additionally, we are a certified small business and are a veteran owned business as well, so your transportation expenses could count towards your small and veteran business spending goals. 


At the same time though, if we determine that an aircraft could not make money for your company, we will never pressure you or fudge the numbers to make it look better.  We believe strongly that when our clients win, we win. 


Once we find a solution for you, we will team you up with either other ownership partners or a leasing company as needed depending on your preference and needs.  We will then arrange for knowledgeable aviation legal and accounting experts to advise your company on how to best arrange this new asset to maximize the tax benefits.  Finally, we will arrange for all of your management needs to be taken care of.  You just tell us when and where you want to go and we will have the aircraft and pilot waiting for you.  From start to finish, we will be your advocate to ensure the process is the most trouble free and cost effective.


If these aviation benefits sound appealing, please check out our listing of known available aircraft, contact us here or at 434-466-3968 and we will come to you and provide a free initial consultation.